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Barrington Wright

Author of the newly released book, Asleep in Coronation Market.


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Barrington's Newly Released Novel

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This picture introduces readers to the ironic tale of a young countryman sleepwalking in Jamaica’s largest food market in the capital city of Kingston. He is obviously ignored by busy sellers and buyers. But the novel addresses readers’ interests in the underlying social and economic reasons, which limited his benefactors to despised adherents of Rastafarianism who worship a god-man in Ethiopia. Read on to discover who was more affected by the relationship. Some readers guessed the young man.  Others guessed the Rastafarian brethren. What’s your opinion?


"...Barrington Wright takes the reader on an enthralling journey through his native Jamaica...happy to have been along for the ride."

John Howard, Ph.D., J.D., author

“Asleep in Coronation Market” awakens all of our senses as we come to know the hardships and joys of the original and sometimes fantastic characters who inhabit a Jamaica few outsiders ever see. Barrington Wright captures lightening in a bottle in this tale of people who live off the grid, by their wits and with more than a little faith in themselves and the future.   

Tedde Tasheff, Esq.

 “Asleep in Coronation Market” uses rich sensory detail to invite you into a humble Jamaican community of the mid-20th century where you can get to know memorable characters with their struggles and stories. You are there, hearing them talk, watching how they spend their days, and becoming familiar with the feel of the land and the realities of financial oppression in which they seek to make a life. 

Karen Leahy, author of “The Summer of Yes”

“Asleep in Coronation Market” is Barrington Wright’s recessional to a period of Jamaica’s history that must not be forgotten. The novel highlights the precarious living conditions of plantation workers in the countryside and poor people in the capital city of Kingston. He uses the local language of the period to give authenticity to the characters and their precarious living conditions, often on the edges of despair, but with indomitable spirits.”    

Una Tapper, Esq.

"'Asleep in Coronation Market” is a pre-independence melodrama played out in Jamaica at the dusk of its colonial period. It is the story of an abandoned country boy who loses his mind in search of his mother, a saleswoman in Kingston’s largest open-air market. In the end, he finds himself in his mother’s own grasp for independence from a rural agricultural hand-to-mouth existence. Mr. Wright’s novel is a gripping account of one man’s journey during the dawn of independence and liberating self-worth in the Caribbean. This book should be a movie."



Samuel Wilson. MD

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